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Objects not recognized by some machines

Problem: Three of the 12 systems at our lab do not recognize the objects on the VA01 overview screen. Live touch caputured the steps with the data in them with no error. During execution we get this error in Certify "Object not found! Could not find first Instance of object for object Name:"KUAGV-KUNNR"" and object Class: "GuiCTextField"". I compared these steps with the other systems that execute with no error and I do not see any obvious difference. (Note: The three machines has SAP GUI version 6.2 installed the rest have SAP GUI version 7.1. )

Root cause: SAP GUI 6.2 has a different set of APIs than the SAP GUI 7.1 (which Certify 8.4.1 supports).

Solution: Upgraded the three machines to SAP GUI 7.1.