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GuiCtrlToolbar object and Tooltips not recognized

Issue: GuiCtrlToolbar object and Tooltips not recognized

Root cause: The issue is related to ids of SAP ‘Shell’ objects that were changing based on the view user had selected for the sap screen. The screen of transaction ‘Me23N’ can be viewed in two mode - one with document view in which additional shell object containing toolbar and tree view are added to existing SAP screen. Whereas in other mode, additional shell object contains tree view and toolbar does not appear on the SAP screen. The views can be toggle with a button on SAP screen. Unfortunately, SAP used object hierarchy during the ID computation of shell object. Thus object id of some shell objects changes as user toggle the screen view/mode. Therefore, user is unable to find an object during execution if it was learned with one mode while executed in other mode. There are some workaround that  to ensure that same mode is being used both at learn time and during the execution.

Resolution: Use the same view mode when learning and executing the SAP tests.