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Tips for Administrators: How to view Worksoft Certify license usage

Older versions of Certify (Certify 8.x or older) and license keys sent before June 2014.

To see the number of users using the licenses, Sentinel provides a tool called Wlmadmin which can be found in the Worksoft Certify Site file included in the Worksoft Certify installation package. The wlmadmin.exe file is in the folder SitePrep\LicenseServer\AdminTools when Worksoft Certify Site is unzipped. To use this Wlmadmin tool, start the wlmadmin.exe and navigate to the subnet server that is hosting the Worksoft  Certify license. You can view the license usage, e.g. number of users logged in, name of users logged in, etc.,  from this tool.

For more detailed instructions, please see:

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