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Folder permission - Effective write permission

The Effective Write Permission shows the list of users in the project who have rights to edit the selected folder. There is no action the user can perform when the Checkbox is checked. It is only to let the user know who can write to the current folder. 

Here's the scenario that the user encounters most often. 

Folder 1 is write protected for user A and user B 
Folder 1.1 (subfolder of Folder 1) contains process P1, P2 and P3. 

Now the current user isn't sure if user A and user B are still prevented from editing proceses P1, P2 and P3 in Folder 1.1 (since the security setting was set at parent folder, folder 1) so he or she can click the checkbox Effective Write Permission to see the names of the users who can write in Folder 1.1. User A and User B will not be in the list of users who have permission to write to the folder.