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Finding system type

A combination of DOS command (systeminfo.exe) and the Certify system actions can be used to find out the system type on a machine. Our recommendation would be to create a utility process for your business analyst called GetSystemType 

1. Create two text variables called SysInfo and SystemType 
2. Create a process called GetSystemType with the following steps 
- System | Operating system | Input DOS command : Systeminfo.exe > C:\Users\Public\machineinfo.txt 
- System | Execution | wait : 10 seconds 
3. System | File | Read File : Read C:\Users\Public\machineinfo.txt (Into the Text variable SysInfo) 
4. Find Substring 
Starts with: *x 
Ends with: -based PC* 
From: Text variable Sysinfo 
In Variable: Text variable SystemType 
5. Text compare: SystemType IsEqualTo 64 (On true exit process) 
6. Set Variable SystemType: 32


Note: The steps above are only applicable to Worksoft Certify 8.5.0 and up on Windows 7.