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Extending Certify with Attributes

Attributes are an amazing feature in Certify for test asset management.  This feature gives you the ability to customize/extend Certify through the creation of user-defined fields.  Attributes are available in many data types and can be used to classify and track status on test assets.  

For example, you may want to add a Process Status attribute for Certify Processes that provides selections for Development, Maintenance Mode, Test Mode or Complete/Ready for Production.    The user would select the appropriate status when creating or editing processes to indicate the state of the process.   Report Queries can be run to review the Process Status information. 

Attributes have a wide variety of uses and could also be used to further version test assets.  Attributes can be created for processes, layouts, requirements and results and the data type can be date, text or number.   There are various types of controls for selecting/entering attribute data that vary depending on the data type to allow maximum flexibility. 

We use attributes internally to track Stacks (OS, Third-Party combinations), Certify versions, automation status, etc.    These categories help us understand our test results and track information about our test assets.