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In Certify 8.6, a user may experience an error when running any Certify Process. Error: Invalid Operation: The record you are trying to create already exists, please try again.
If you are heavily using Certify, you may have reached a limitation of SQL SERVER where the auto-numbered record IDs in the LogTestStep and LogTestStepParms tables have reached the maximum value for an INTEGER. If you run into this situation, one solution is to use the Certify DB Maintenance scripts to delete as many unnecessary, old results records as possible, then to shrink and reindex the database tables and truncate the database transaction log. A  SQL script from Worksoft Support may needed to be executed to reseed the auto-number generators
In Certify 8.7, this limit has been removed. We recommend upgrading to Certify 8.7 to avoid this problem in the future