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Data not found by index when using Read recordset action

Symptom: A step using Read recordset action fails with the error message "Data not found"

Root cause: The index used in the Read recordset action is not in a valid range. For example,

1. Create a Layout, Variables and Recordset. (4 records in the Recordset)

2. Create a process

3. Add a step with the System Object "Record set" and the action "Read Record" with the Mode "index.

4. Set the value of index to 0 or 5 and run the process.

The process will fail with the error message "Data not found" because the index 0 and 5 are out of range for the recordset (which has 4 rows)

Resolution: Use an index that is within range of the recordset, i.e., from 1 to n - 1 (where n = number of rows in the recordset). In the above example, setting the index to 1 or 2 would not result in the error message.