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This article is applicable to only Certify 8.6. For Certify 8.7 and above,  there is no special permission needed - as long as the SAP system and SAP GUI is set up correctly for Worksoft Certify Automation. (Please see Certify Installation guide chapter 2 on how to set up SAP system and SAP GUI for Certify Automation).

Question (for Certify 8.6): Is there an alternative to the "S_A.SYSTEM" profile as a required permission for the CPIC User permissions for Certify Capture that is not a Super User permission?  
Answer (for Certify 8.6): We strongly recommend that the standard procedure be followed because the service user needs to have access to all transactions. However, if customer would like to avoid providing certain rights in S_A.SYSTEM, please use the workaround below:

1. Set up the Certify Capture CPIC user with S_A.SYSTEM.
2. Test to make sure that Capture process works correctly
3. Go ahead copy S_A.SYSTEM. to create a custom profile.
4. Change the CPIC user to use the custom profile and verify that Capture process is still working for all the transaction needed.
5. Then take out the problematic permissions from the custom profile.
6. Verify that Capture process is still working. If not, please add back the permissions which were taken out in step 5.