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Worksoft Certify patch and up contains the fix for the following:


  • Incremental learn for HTML works a little bit differently than standalone learn. Incremental learn looks at the item under the mouse pointer and that is the object that is learned. Standalone learn has some optimization in place where it may learn a containing tag (outer tag, parent) instead of the innermost tag. In other words, the two learns may choose different objects for the same screen.
  • Assume that a page is learned using standalone learn and imported into the database. Afterwards, a user tries to live touch an object on the learned page. Live touch uses the object under the mouse pointer which may be different than the object that was learned / imported. So matching may fail.
  • When matching fails, live touch incrementally learns the object. The physical name of the incrementally learned object may be identical to an object in the database, namely the one that came from standalone learn. Certify sees this and says "the object already exists" so it does not add it to the database but it does use the incrementally learned object in a step.
  • So now you are in a situation where you have a step that exists in the step editor. That step uses an object, and that object cannot be saved to the database. When you try to save the process you get a message that does not make sense.


Here are the things that need was changed in the code to address the issue.

  • Make live touch / incremental learn work more like standalone learn so that they are looking at the same things. This is a change on the HTML interface. There is some performance degradation with this change.
  • When physical name collisions are detected, use the object already in the database. This is a change on the live touch / Certify side. That way there is no object to save, because the object already exists in the database.

If you are not ready to upgrade to Worksoft Certify patch or above, the following can be done to minimize the impact of this problem.  This is not a good answer, but it is all that I have right now.

  • Save your process frequently. If you encounter this problem then the amount of work you lose is smaller.
  • When you encounter this problem, delete the last steps you added. If you are saving frequently, the problem is likely in the most recently added steps.