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Troubleshoot: No results found

Symptom: When linking the Certify processes to RQM, we are not able to see any process in the Certify DB.

The adapter is running, we see it in RQM, but cannot link any tests. The message is "no results found" from the project path.

Root cause: The Certify-RQM integration finds processes is through Compliance. If Compliance is not setup properly, RQM adapter will not be able find any processes. Compliance requires a web service to be installed on the web server, and the Certify database needs to have compliance stored procedures installed in it.



* Make sure that a Certify database is registered within Certify Connect

* Try to load the compliance web service in a browser - and test the methods in it - make sure it returns some data

* Maybe test "GetAllDataSourceConfigurations" - click "Invoke"

* Test also "GetAllProjects" - enter in one of the data source configurations

* Test "GetProcessesForProject"

* The certify database should have stored procedures that begin with "CMP_" in them for compliance.