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IIS Application Pool Issues for Certify Connect

Worksoft Diagnostics has reported a problem that looks like it is related to application pool configuration issues within IIS for Certify Connect.

Please follow these instructions:

1.  Start IIS
2.  Select "Default Web Site" in the tree on the left
3.  Click "Basic Settings" - ensure that the file folder path is pointing to c:\inetpub\wwwroot
4.  Locate "WorksoftCertifyConnect" virtual directory underneath that in the tree
5.  Click on "Basic Settings" - inspect the application pool (remember the name of the application pool)
6.  Click on "Select..." to the right of the application pool name
7.  Observe that a dialog appears
8.  Look closely at the properties in this dialog.  Ensure that the .Net version says "2.0" and Pipeline mode is set to "Classic"
9.  Still remembering the name of the application pool, follow these instructions
10.  In the tree (above), find the node "Application Pools"
11.  Underneath "Application Pools", locate in the tree the name of the application version
12.  Select the row with that application version
13.  Click on "Basic Settings" (far right)
14.  select in the dropdown the .Net framework (2.0)
15.  select in the dropdown the pipeline mode "Classic"
16.  click "OK"
17.  click "Advanced Settings..." (far right)
18.  locate the setting "Enable 32-bit applications" - and change the value to "True"
19.  Underneath "Process Model" (same window), locate the setting "Load User Profile" -- and change the value to "True"
20.  Click "OK"
21.  Click "Stop" (far right)
22.  Click "Start" (far right)