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Certify Connect Config File has extra uid and pwd value

The Certify Connect Window Service log file has extra parameters in the database connection string.   This is merely a warning, because it does not pose a problem in most cases.  However, there are some SQL Servers for which this becomes a problem.  This can be easily corrected.

Follow these steps:

1.  Locate the Certify Connect window service folder.  Typically it is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Worksoft\Certify Connect Window Service

2.  Locate the config file, which should be named MesExchange.exe.config
3.  Open the config file using notepad
4.  Locate the database connection string (a quick tip - is search for "Initial Catalog" by pressing Ctrl-F and then typing the search words).

5.  Inspect the connection string:

If you see a value like User ID=user;uid=user;Password=password;pwd=password;   you will see that there are duplicate values here.  If it is failing for you, you may need to remove the extra values so that instead of the 4 parameters you end up with the modified values looking like this:

User ID=user;Password=password;

6.  Save the configuration file

7.  Restart the Certify Connect window service