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Certify-Atlassian JIRA Integration

Certify-Atlassian JIRA Integration

Worksoft Certify integration allows a user in Certify to submit a trouble ticket into JIRA.  This is a one-way integration meaning a user can submit a trouble ticket from Certify, but the Certify user cannot view the ticket or its status after being submitted.

For instructions on how to configure this integration, please see below:

Certify-JIRA Integration relies on a configuration data that provides details about the target JIRA system.  This includes:

  • URL to target JIRA system
  • Username to be used when connecting to the target system
  • Password to be used when connecting to the target system
For more detailed instructions, please go to the Technical notes section under the Media Library tab on this website.

To test the integration, right click on the results from the details pane to "Send to Jira".

Certify UI will not show the JIRA details stored in the Certify database.  When a Certify result is deleted, the corresponding JIRA ticket details will also be deleted.